Canadian Icon Greeting Cards

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The visuals depicted on this series of six greeting cards are icons of the Canadian landscape. The coastal shipyards, prairie grain elevator and water tower, the rail car, the lighthouse and the pumpjack are tied to Canada's history. These cards come individually packed in cellophane complete with fitted envelope. Available individually or in a series.

The story of Canada is intrinsically linked to tapping the country’s vast resources. Be it oil, minerals, fur, farming, fishing or even water itself, this motivation for economic strength has been driven by the land. Transportation of these resources by foot, by canoe, by ship or train have each shaped the culture of the country in their own way. Our series, Canadian Icons, seeks to pay homage to this culture, and honour icons that are disappearing in our changing times. As humans, we are all visitors to this land and we must also honour and pay respect first nations’ unceded territories.

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